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For shekel contributions you can make a bank transfer to:
Bank Poalei Agudat Israel
BANK # 52   BRANCH # 182
PTACH Account No. 690910

Dr. Joseph & Shulamis Kaminetsky z"l Scholarship Fund

לעלוי נשמת הרב יוסף בן הרב שמעון ז״ל
ושולמית בת שניאור אייזיק הכהן ז״ל

Your donation gives a child a chance for a new beginning, a brighter and more successful future.
Below are some examples of how your generosity will help a child who has learning difficulties:
Full Scholarship:
$7,000 /year provides a child with a full program (8 lessons/week) of educational remediation, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.
Partial Scholarships:
$3,600 /year provides a child with educational remediation for a year.
$1,800/ year provides a child with speech and language therapy for a year.
$1,800 /year provides a child with occupational therapy for a year.
All donations are tax deductible both in the USA and in Israel. Dollar checks should be made out to American Friends Of P'TACH.