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‘Working as a team to help children overcome their learning difficulties.”

P’TACH is a Jerusalem based organization that services children with learning difficulties (LD). Our goal is to provide children with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life and to become productive members of the Jewish community. Research indicates 10 percent of all school age children may have one form or another of a learning difficulty, which if left unidentified and untreated may lead to serious life consequences. PTACH staff, most of whom are bilingual, have advanced degrees and many years of experience. PTACH has educational solutions that teach children with learning differences to develop their learning strengths and how to use them effectively.
“The fusion of all of P’TACH’s resources working together as a team provides the child with the tools he/she needs to succeed.”
Miriam Schoen, Administrative Director
“P’TACH’s holistic approach gives children the opportunity to succeed in life and in school by helping them overcome or compensate for learning difficulties.”
Symie Liff, Executive Director
Symie is the founder of P’TACH, Israel.

Although our programs are in Hebrew,
all members of the P’TACH staff are bilingual and sensitive to the needs of new Olim.
P’TACH, Israel was established in 1986.